Air Freight

Med Line Shipping S.A.L. works with the leading aircraft companies in the world for shipping worldwide. We handle transportation of commodities from and to Beirut Lebanon, and any destination in the World to provide you with the ultimate efficient, and accurate commodities. We also offer triangle shipments and transit services. In Air Freight we offer innovative solutions for small and large loads.

Sea & Ocean Freight

Med Line Shipping S.A.L. provides you with Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container-load (LC) shipments and deals with the most efficient and competitive International shipping Lines while handling large volumes of annual ocean freight, across all continents, as well as triangle shipments and transit services.


We provide you all types of break bulk vessels and tankers worldwide.

Land Freight

Med Line Shipping S.A.L. handles Land Freight within Lebanon and its Entourage to surrounding and arab countries and vise versa, offering Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than a Truck Load (LTL) while dealing with multiple well known Trucking companies that promise efficiency and on-time delivery for all kinds of commodities. At Med Line Shipping S.A.L. we also we provide triangle shipments and transit services as well.


Med Line Shipping S.A.L. offers you a professional packing service with more than 40 years of experience handling all kinds of shipments ranging from household materials to fragile materials, volatile and other goods. We ship your goods and deliver them the way we received them!

Custom Clearance

Med Line Shipping S.A.L. ensures uniform and consistent services to take out the complexity of customs and help your company in avoiding delays, fines and penalties exclusively in Lebanon. We guarantee that your goods will be released on time. Think of us as your own in-house customs clearing agents (CCA) duty to review your supply chain to enhance customs activities, assess potential risk areas and optimize internal controls to maximize internal compliance.

Shipping personal & household effects

Med Line Shipping S.A.L. offers you the best shipping service for all your personal and household effects. We handle all your shipping needs while customizing routes, and shipping mediums. This service is offered from and to any destination in the world.

International personal orders

Med Line Shipping S.A.L provides you with a special service for your international personal orders. The concept is simple: you buy or purchase any item or good from anywhere in the world and we will make sure you get it delivered while largely reducing your shipping fees.

Container Types

Med Line Shipping S.A.L. has all variety and all types of containers to fit all your packaging and shipping needs, with containers ranging from dry, refrigerated tanks, and several other purpose shipping containers. Checkout our range of containers by clicking on the button below. You will also get the technical specifications of each type in comparison tables.


Documentation, legalization, analysis, IRI and license from all ministries