International personal orders

Med Line Shipping S.A.L provides you with a special service for your international personal orders. The concept is simple: you buy or purchase any* item or good from anywhere in the world and we will make sure you get it delivered while largely reducing your shipping fees. This service is ideal for small cargo and orders.

How do we do it?

Instead of shipping your international orders one-by-one and handling all shipping fees, we group your order(s) with other similar ones and divide the fees among all clients, this way you will pay a fraction of what you usually should pay for a similar individual shipment.

We ship from all continents at least once per week, so your shipment will not be delayed and it is literally worth the wait; with this service from Med Line Shipping S.A.L. you could save up to 40% from your usual shipping fees of your small international orders.

*Terms, conditions, laws and regulations apply.

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